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Fashionable Sunglass Frames to Get Your Hands on in 2021

26 Aug, 2021

by: Delmarchio®

Summers are the ideal time to wear sun-protective gear, and sunglasses fall on top of the list. They not only shield the eyes from the harsh rays of the sun but also act as excellent fashion accessories that can take your look to the next level. As a retailer, however, you need to keep your stocks updated by checking out the latest collection of the best sunglasses suppliers in India to ensure all your customers are satisfied. So, today, let us check out the best sunglass frames that made it to the top of the list in 2021!


Top Sunglass Styles that Ruled 2021


Stocking your store with the best range of sunglasses can make you the talk of the town in the summer season – especially when it is time for the customers to keep trying new trends as part of their look. Some of the trending styles amongst sunglasses in 2021 include:


1. Cat-Eyes: Believe it or not, cat-eye sunglasses saw a sudden rise in demand, starting from the late 2020s, and it has only seen an upward climb ever since. With an even more angular design now, the unconventional cat-eye designs are hype among women who like to keep things chic yet classy at all times.


2. Bigger Rectangles: Given the situation the entire world is in at the moment – amidst the Novel Coronavirus pandemic – slaying the style game has become important to stand out from the crowd. With respect to that, the bigger rectangular frames have become extremely common in sunglass styles. Getting them from the best wholesale sunglass supplier online in India would ensure you have the latest designs at the best rates.


3. Retro Frames: If COVID-19 has taught us anything, then it has to be how nostalgia surrounds our entire life. In 2021, it is time to take things up a notch with  retro sunglass frames. These can be found in the elegant metal silver frames that have bright blue lenses or the more conservative black frames with yellow lenses that make you relive the days of yore.


4. Bold Lens Colors: Talking about bright colours in sunglasses, you should also stock up on the ones with bold lens colours. This is the ideal way to leave a mark in the minds of the world, thereby making it a fan favourite in 2021. With such bright and bold lenses in your sunglass, your outfit is instantly upgraded to even look like designer wear without burning a hole in the pocket.


Conclusion: 2021 is the year of setting new trends and breaking the often-trodden path with unmistakable fashion statements. As the best wholesale supplier of sunglasses and optical frames in India, Delmarchio acts as the sole distributor of the international-brand Winning Looks, to ensure authorized dealers get the most trending looks to stock up on their collection. Eliminating the need for any middlemen, as an authorized dealer, you can get the best eyewear at competitive rates. To know more, feel free to get in touch with Delmarchio today.

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