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Top Types of Wholesale Spectacle Frames for Men and Women

19 May, 2021

by: Delmarchio®

Back in time, we lived in a society where wearing spectacles would earn us the tags of a nerd, geek, and un-cool. However, times have changed, and wearing spectacles have become more of a fashion accessory, if not anything more. While we have a variety of choices in the market, there are specially made frames for men and women to choose from. The one crucial thing that one needs to keep in mind is finding the perfect frame that suits your face. But before that, let’s dive right into the world of wholesale spectacle frames and find out the various types of frames available!

Top Types of Spectacle Frames Available

Buying the perfect pair of glasses is no longer simply about how it can enhance your vision, but is also a matter of adding an edge to your entire look. Since there are several choices in today’s time, let’s take a look at the top spectacle frame types you need to be on the lookout for:

  1. Round Frames: You might recognize this type from the popular Harry Potter movies. These are retro-styled glasses that have come back in fashion in recent times, and if you can rock this look through your ensemble, you can instantly brighten up your outfit for the day. 
  2. Oval Frames: If you are looking for the understated chic vibe, especially through your reading glasses or sunglasses, the oval frames are a perfect fit. Available in a wide range of colours, these are ideal for those who have a triangular or square face, thereby complementing your features. 
  3. Square Frames: Talking about a chic look, square frames have been part of the daily life of several fashionistas for several years now. For those who have a diamond face shape with a wider forehead than the cheeks, these can be an accessory you can play around with to get the best look. 
  4. Flat Top Frames: Believe it or not, if you check out the collection of international brands like Winning Looks, you would find this to be on top of the list. While they might seem over the top at first glance, the extra edge that these frames add to your look is unmistakable. A craze amongst fashion-forward individuals, this is especially meant for those with a triangular face and smaller foreheads with heavy cheeks. 
  5. Rimless Frames: These can be considered as one of the most common models sported by people regularly. It is popular because of the versatile nature, thereby allowing you to wear them without getting sweaty throughout the day. 
  6. Horn-Rimmed Frames: Again, a very popular alternative for those who have to wear prescription glasses, the horn-rimmed frames can be seen mostly on celebrities like Kendall Jenner who love to leave a mark wherever they go. These are the go-to option for those who want to stay updated with the trends and yet be comfortable while wearing glasses.  

Conclusion: Be it prescription glasses, reading glasses, or those meant to shield your eyes from the sun, spectacles are the perfect accessory most people love to sport and experiment with to add to their look. Delmarchio™ is an importer, exporter, and supplier of wholesale eyewear in India known as the sole distributor for the internationally-certified brand Winning Looks in the country. To be an authorized dealer of the brand, you can get in touch with

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